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Phone 1: 361.888.0111
Fax 1: 361.888.0111

Email: District Clerk
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Save yourself a trip to the courthouse by determining before your start date whether you are qualified, exempt, or wish to claim a one-time deferral from jury duty. You will need your jury summons to do this. To login, you must provide your Candidate ID (found on your summons) and Zip Code.

You must complete the ENTIRE questionnaire and submit your answers if you are asking to be excused, disqualified or deferred (rescheduled).

If your status is disqualified or excused, you do not need to report for jury duty.
If your status is confirmed, you must report on your start date and time.

Confirmed Jurors - Please bring the entire jury summons. It is not necessary to fill out the handwritten questionnaire, however, please write "online" across the questionnaire part. We need the bar code on the questionnaire to attend you when you report.

You may receive emails or text messages with updates on when and where to report for jury duty. Please check your email often after you have completed the online questionnaire.
All text messages and automated phone reminders with have a caller ID of 361-336-0808, which is the Nueces County Jury Services interactive voice response system.

Jury Duty eResponse Login

  1. Bring your Jury Summons!
  2. Reasonable Excuses Heard on Fridays
  3. Dress the Part
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